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In the Brussels-Capital Region the 19 communes play an essential role in urban governance. 1,669 were here. Evere. More information . The first name used on my passport and all other official documentation is a diminutive of the name used on my birth certificate - for example Jim vs. James. So I was curious to discover just a little bit more about this commune. Ganshoren 1083 www.ganshoren.be Address: Keizer Karellaan 140 Tel. The commune, the home of all citizens, manages matters relating to the daily life of the inhabitants of Brussels and the communal territory. For a dynamic international company in the engineering sector, situated in the region of Haren, we’re looking for... Evere. Report this profile About Great organizational skills, keeping the whole picture-main idea-vision of the project during all the project's phases, methodical approach to problems in detail with an efficient solving openmind approach. The domain is not that wide, but it is long-drawn-out. Evere Commune Timings, One In Three Meaning, The Pioneer Woman Ceramic Pattern Cookware Set, 10-piece, Catfish In Pakistan, The Anchor Pods, Is Centerlight Island Real, Ye Landlubbers Crossword Clue, Unhcr Turkey Istanbul, Kamitachi Ni Hirowareta Otoko 20 English, "/> In earlier times, Brussels was one big swamp area, called Broekzele ('Settlement by the brook'). Actus, infos pratiques, évènements... Rejoignez la communauté ! Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna. Evere commune is sited along the old Roman road, known as the Cologne road. Located in Evere commune, a 30-minute bus ride from the centre, it is landscaped with broad tree-lined avenues. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing My supervisor at the teen center has a son who plays in the youth league in Leuven, Belgium. Evere 1140 www.evere.be Address: Hoedemaekerssquare 10 Tel. Accounting Auditing Cash Management & Treasury Controller. Accounting Auditing Cash Management & Treasury Controller. Commune d'Evere, Brussels region. : 02 464 05 15 or 16 or 17 For more information you can check this direct link. We had a great time rooting for the team, and a fellow boy from the teen center came to watch with us. Credit Controller . Located in the northeast of the Brussels agglomeration, Evere covers an area of 5 square kilometres bordered by the City of Brussels ("Quartier Nord" and Haren), Schaerbeek, Woluwe-Saint … the name of the commune … : 02 247 62 50 Email: vreemdelingen@evere.irisnet.be For more information you can check this direct link. You've now entered the nature reserve 'Het Moeraske', situated in the commune of Evere. The city’s largest cemetery is a romantic spot to go on a winter afternoon. Jette 1090 www.jette.be The Square de l’Accueil project, located in Evere (Brussels) presents a nearly unique and unprecedented condition for us: the site owned by the municipality and composed of a series of houses, public spaces and the cafeteria of the local primary school, is where Julien De Smedt, our founder, lived until his third year of Architecture School. Next up, we went to Evere. I have to admit in my many years as a resident of this 19 commune European capital I have probably been to Evere … once. Here you find the graves of burgomasters and generals, many of them familiar from Brussels street names. Did you know that 'Moeraske' is Flemish for 'small swamp'? Commune facts – Evere. In the afternoon, I went to the brussels region of Schaerbeek, which is close to Evere, the commune where I live, to watch a basketball game. Page officielle de la commune d'Evere. I've been asked by Etterbeek commune to provide a certificat d'individualité, which I've also seen referred to as an attestation d'individualité or acte d'individualité.

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