how to discipline an introverted child

The response of introverted child to the discipline may vary when compared to their extroverted sibling. You will not be able to deal with an introverted child if you don’t understand their personality. Some people unwind and recharge by connecting with a group of friends or going out. Your child is watching you, and, sometimes, they pick up undesirable social skills from shy or introverted parents. July 25, 2012 at 5:54 am () As a follow up to my post last week about raising introverted kids, here is its counterpart on what you need to know about raising extroverted kids.By nature, extroverts are stimulating and outgoing. Don’t Label Introversion as Shy. And the discipline strategies that work well for one child may not work as well with another. 3. Embrace your little introvert’s quiet behavior. Ten Tips for Parenting Your Introverted Child How to see your introverted child shine. I hope that these tips will be helpful for you and your child too! Cain: It's important for a parent to learn to take delight in a child whose behavior might seem mystifying. Don’t fight the introvert’s quietness. If your child is an introvert and has been very busy of late, don’t feel bad letting them stay at home. If around people for too long without some alone time to recharge, these children become drained which can manifest as crankiness, tiredness, or even physical symptoms such as tummy aches, headaches, and so forth. Introverted kids usually have the capacity to … Okay, this sounds kind of silly and simple, ... It’s a great way to teach discipline, service, etc, and it cures boredom instantly. If you are an introvert parent, then you will be able to empathize with your introvert child better. Wits End Parenting's counselors incorporate positive discipline that is tailored to each child’s temperament while also providing long-term results, freeing parents from the need to continually re-invent their discipline strategies. Meeting an Extroverted Child’s Needs. Like introverted adults, they look before they leap and think before they speak. Taking care to look after oneself allows an introverted parent to better care for and provide the environment an extroverted child needs. Furthermore, introverts feel overwhelmed or anxious in new environments and around new people. Introverted kids tend to prefer one-on-one interactions, because they don’t have to manage as many social exchanges, says Kristin J. Carothers, Ph.D., an assistant professor in clinical child psychology at the Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University and expert at, a nonprofit that helps children with learning and attention issues. 22. Socialize your child slowly. Tips for your Introverted or Shy Child Open the blinds and windows. But you may need to help them come out of their shell, little by little. Nearly 10 years ago, my life dramatically changed when I (Andrew) stood on my church’s stage and said “I do” to a beautiful and spontaneous young woman named Steph. An introvert, conversely, prefers the parasympathetic system.That makes the child think before he or she speaks. However, you can help your child understand being quiet or reserved is nothing to feel shame about. While the exposure to potential criticism or too much attention can be intimidating for introverted kids, they might just realize the experience is … Establish emotional and mental intimacy with your child – There are several ways to establish intimacy throughout the day and may seem obvious, yet still require discipline on your behalf. Your child needs down time after school to recharge their batteries so don't expect them to talk about their day for a while. 2. The introverted child is bothered most by any situation or activity that is overstimulating. As a teenager, I had a group of friends I loved, but spending time with them drained me.They didn’t seem to need the alone time that I required just to function. To restore my depleted reserves, I've adopted various strategies: I let Jack break the ice at social gatherings and on … Avoid pointing out your introverted child’s … In a classroom of twenty five children or more, it is a special task for teachers to identify the needs of introverts and to cater to their differences. Don’t just accept your child for who she is; treasure her for who she is. 2. How to introduce your introvert child to sports. The child will be taught to seek external validation versus internal validation. Let your child realize their mistakes. Speak clearly and confidently when you address others rather than whispering or mumbling through your words. If you want to read more about this topic, here is an article that was really helpful for me: For Extroverts: 15 Ways to Be a Better Parent to Your Introverted Kid. Introverted children generally like to play it safe rather than take risks. Read How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children: 3 Crucial Lessons To Teach. Special note: Always respect your introverted child’s need to not talk. When they have had a busy, stimulating, or stressful day, they need alone time. Don’t expect your child to … If you also have an introverted child, here are some things to understand in meeting their needs: 1. I believe my 2-year-old is an introvert. Parenting an Introverted Child Introverted kids energize by being alone. When an extrovert, who draws energy from the people around him, is the child of two introverts, who need solitude to recharge, a domestic energy crisis is inevitable. While all parents should commit to regular self-care, an introverted parent relies on more alone time to unwind and recharge. They’re sensitive to their physical environment. If you have any other ideas about raising an introverted child, I would be happy to find them out and learn from your experiences.. While working on group projects in school, an introvert child may find it …

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