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In the late 17th century, Ladakh sided with Bhutan in its dispute with Tibet which, among other reasons, resulted in its invasion by the Tibetan Central Government. Report submitted to the Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx Zoo, New York. Leh, the capital of Ladakh is well connected by road as well as air. The National Research Institute for Sowa-Rigpa in Leh is an institute for research into traditional medicine and a hospital providing traditional treatments. Its highest point is about 6,700 m (22,000 ft) and the northern slopes are heavily glaciated. The region experiences heavy snowfall; the Pensi-la is open only between June and mid-October. It prides itself on preserving Ladakhi tradition and culture.[123]. [61], Ladakh is under the jurisdiction of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court. 65% of children attend school, but absenteeism of both students and teachers remains high. In 1989, there were violent riots between Buddhists and Muslims. The Tibetan wolf, which sometimes preys on the livestock of the Ladakhis, is the most persecuted amongst the predators. [7][8] It is bordered by the Tibet Autonomous Region to the east, the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh to the south, both the Indian-administered union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Pakistan-administered Gilgit-Baltistan to the west, and the southwest corner of Xinjiang across the Karakoram Pass in the far north. The mountain ranges in this region were formed over 45 million years by the folding of the Indian Plate into the more stationary Eurasian Plate. [50], In 1949, China closed the border between Nubra and Xinjiang, blocking old trade routes. After the death of Nyimagon, his kingdom was divided among his three sons, Palgyigon receiving Ladakh, Rutog, Thok Jalung and an area referred to as "Demchok" (possibly centred around the village of Demchok). The third road to Ladakh is the Nimmu–Padam–Darcha road, which is under construction. Dras, Kargil and Leh were liberated and Ladakh cleared of the infiltrators. [33] Academics infer from the slant of Ladakhi chronicles that Ladakh may have owed its primary allegiance to Tibet during this time, but that it was more political than cultural. Weaving is an important part of traditional life in eastern Ladakh. The Zangskar valley lies in the troughs of the Stod and the Lungnak rivers. Historically, the region included the Baltistan (Baltiyul) valleys (now mostly in Pakistani administered part of Kashmir), the entire upper Indus Valley, the remote Zanskar, Lahaul and Spiti to the south, much of Ngari including the Rudok region and Guge in the east, Aksai Chin in the northeast, and the Nubra Valley to the north over Khardong La in the Ladakh Range. Ladakh was born from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Rangdum is the highest inhabited region in the Suru valley, after which the valley rises to 4,400 m (14,400 ft) at Pensi-la, the gateway to Zanskar. Bounded by two of the world's largest mountain ranges and surrounded by alpine desert, Leh's dry barren landscape is dotted with historic Buddhist monasteries making it an incredible sight to behold. Governor R.K. Mathur In 1994 the Students' Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) launched Operation New Hope (ONH), a campaign to provide "culturally appropriate and locally relevant education" and make government schools more functional and effective. [52][page needed]. [27] Around the 1st century, Ladakh was a part of the Kushan Empire. Ladakhi has several dialects, Ladakhi proper (also called Lehskat after the capital of Ladakh,Leh, where it is spoken); Shamskat, spoken to the northwest of Leh; Stotskat, spoken to the southeast in the Indus valley; and Nubra, spoken in the north. Many other Muslims were invited over the following years for various purposes.[44]. In 1955 China began to build roads connecting Xinjiang and Tibet through the Aksai Chin area. Day 2. It is mixed in a large churn and known as gurgur cha, after the sound it makes when mixed. Extensive operations were launched in high altitudes by the Indian Army with considerable artillery and air force support. [9][10] The eastern end, consisting of the uninhabited Aksai Chin plains, is claimed by the Indian Government as part of Ladakh, and has been under Chinese control since 1962. The idea of driving to Leh, the capital of Ladakh in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, at an altitude of 11,562 feet, is an adventure itself. Order: COVID-19 Management-Guidelines/instructions-regarding. During his youth, Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin expelled the mystic Sheikh Zain Shahwalli for showing disrespect to him. [17], A minority of Ladakhi people were also employed as merchants and caravan traders, facilitating trade in textiles, carpets, dyestuffs and narcotics between Punjab and Xinjiang. Statue of Maitreya at Likir Monastery, Leh district, Between the 1380s and early 1510s, many Islamic missionaries propagated Islam and proselytised the Ladakhi people. There are a handful of private news outlets. "East of the Moon and West of the Sun? [53][54] The stand-off involving the most troops was in September 2014 in the disputed Chumar region when 800 to 1,000 Indian troops and 1,500 Chinese troops came into close proximity to each other. Its natural features consist mainly of high plains and deep valleys. Leh is the capital of Ladakh with a population of 30,000. ), caraway, stinging nettles, mint, Physochlaina praealta, and various grasses. Ladakh is renowned for its remote mountain beauty and distinct culture. Ladak is its pronunciation in several Tibetan districts. The extreme limit of cultivation is at Korzok, on the Tso-moriri lake, at 4,600 m (15,100 ft), which has what are widely considered to be the highest fields in the world. Ladakh. Kyide Nyimagon, Langdarma's great grandson, fled to West Tibet c. 900 CE, and founded a new West Tibetan kingdom at the heart of the old Zhangzhung, now called Ngari in the Tibetan language. The advance continued. Historical accounts differ upon who her father was. 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Rice was previously a luxury in the Ladakhi diet, but, subsidised by the government, has now become a cheap staple. The Dards of Dras, however, have converted to Islam and have been strongly influenced by their Kashmiri neighbours. Investments in capital works/projects indicated in the statement of Finincial assets under ‘ capital expenditure’, amounting to RS. Out of the 857-kilometre-long (533 mi) border in Ladakh, only 368 km (229 mi) is the International Border, and the remaining 489 km (304 mi) is Line of Actual Control. Ladakh became an Union Territory on 31st  of October 2019. Islam begins to take root in the Leh area in the beginning of the 17th century after the Balti invasion and the marriage of Gyal to Jamyang. Leh is the joint capital and largest town of the union territory of Ladakh in India. The fibre is smuggled into Kashmir and woven into exquisite shawls by Kashmiri workers. In fact, we were so driven by unquenchable thirst for thrill that we drove to Zanskar Valley beyond Leh. Buddhism spread into western Ladakh from Kashmir in the 2nd century. [74] The endangered Tibetan antelope, known as chiru in Indian English, or Ladakhi tsos, has traditionally been hunted for its wool (shahtoosh) which is a natural fibre of the finest quality and thus valued for its light weight and warmth and as a status symbol. Recent flooding in the region (e.g., the 2010 floods) has been attributed to abnormal rain patterns and retreating glaciers, both of which have been found to be linked to global climate change. [17], Naked barley (Ladakhi: nas, Urdu: grim) was traditionally a staple crop all over Ladakh. Ladakh was administered as a wazarat during the Dogra rule, with a governor termed wazir-e-wazarat. Archery is a traditional sport in Ladakh, and many villages hold archery festivals, which are as much about traditional dancing, drinking and gambling, as they are about the sport. [93] The airport at Kargil, Kargil Airport, was intended for civilian flights but is currently is used by the Indian Army. It is mostly found in Nubra, Changthang and Zangskar. The history of Ladakh can be divided into three periods: the ancient period (till 10th century AD), the medieval period (10th century-19th century) and the modern period (19th century-till date). A dish that is strictly Ladakhi is skyu, a heavy pasta dish with root vegetables. [17], Tibetan medicine has been the traditional health system of Ladakh for over a thousand years. Constitution of a UT Level Apex Committee for development and promotion of Sea Buckthorn in Union Territory of Ladakh, Constitution of a committee for development and promotion of Pashmina in Ladakh. Within Ladakh, there is a range of dialects, so that the language of the Chang-pa people may differ markedly from that of the Purig-pa in Kargil, or the Zangskaris, but they are all mutually comprehensible. Since past few years the Indian Air Force has been operating AN-32 air courier service to transport the locals during the winter seasons to Jammu, Srinagar and Chandigarh. [104] The urban sex ratio in both the districts is about 640. [18], Ladakh is the largest and the second least populous union territory of India. Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat who invaded and briefly conquered Ladakh in 1532, 1545 and 1548, does not record any presence of Islam in Leh during his invasion although Shia Islam and Noorbakshia Islam continued to flourish in other regions of Ladakh.[36][37]. Construction of a 6.5 km (4.0 mi) tunnel across Zoji La pass is under consideration to make the route functional throughout the year. [57], Some activists from Leh in recent times called for Ladakh to be constituted as a union territory because of perceived unfair treatment by Kashmir and Ladakh's cultural differences with predominantly Muslim Kashmir valley, while some people in Kargil opposed union territory status for Ladakh. The glacier lies between the Saltoro Ridge immediately to the west and the main Karakoram Range to the east. Natural vegetation mainly occurs along water courses and on high altitude areas that receive more snow and cooler summer temperatures. Contemporary Ladakh borders Tibet to the east, the Lahaul and Spiti regions to the south, the Vale of Kashmir, Jammu and Baltiyul regions to the west, and the southwest corner of Xinjiang across the Karakoram Pass in the far north. There is only a small population of about 400 animals in Ladakh. [17], The Moravian Mission opened a school in Leh in October 1889, and the Wazir-i Wazarat (ex officio Joint Commissioner with a British officer) of Baltistan and Ladakh ordered that every family with more than one child should send one of them to school. Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Schools are well distributed throughout Ladakh but 75% of them provide only primary education. As its culture and history are closely related to that of Tibet, it is known as the "Little Tibet".

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